The Center for Business Innovation Training (CBiT) envisions becoming the leading Eastern Africa business innovation consulting and training service provider; delivering the best value to stakeholders.



CBiT works to facilitate economic actors in Eastern Africa to advance trade by developing and imparting business innovation solutions tailored to address strategic and operational needs among organizations in the region.



CBiT is committed to: Delighting our Customers; Embracing & Driving Change; Exploring, Creating, and Maintaining an Open-Mind; Pioneering Development of New Business Knowledge; Caring for the Environment and Communities around us.



CBiT works with governments, development agencies, and communities around Eastern Africa in mobilizing local economies to facilitate breakthrough knowledge & skills transfer towards transformational and sustainable development. We offer localized, quality, accessible and affordable business innovation solutions delivered through consulting, coaching and training, research & market studies, benchmarking & business missions.

We excel in bringing stakeholders together in creative and constructive ways to turn the momentum of ideas into focused development action. We organize, design, and implement long term economic development projects, national and regional cluster programs, incubator projects and technology parks, value chain development and analysis, capacity building programs, and events such as workshops, summits, and conferences.

Training and Consulting services offered by CBiT include: Business Management; Entrepreneurship; Business Innovation; ILO – Start & Improve Your Business (SIYB); Export Business Development; Project Management; Product Development; Product Packaging & Labeling; Personal & Corporate Branding; Strategic Planning; Operations Management; Business Finance; Quality Management

Additionally, CBiT offers training tailored to respond to the needs of small-scale businesses, and dynamics in the informal sector. This facilitates understanding among this target group and by extension, application of lessons learnt.



We develop an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs and goals so as to create training and counseling packages that address specific business challenges. By so doing, clients are better prepared to anticipate and address emerging business problems.

Our team is energetic, enthusiastic and truly dedicated to delivering high quality services. This is demonstrated through our passionate and thorough approach to work, our range of skills, many years experience and our quest for achieving outstanding results. We make it our business to place you on a sustainable growth path by continuously extending our thinking and by regularly updating our business innovation and management models. All these provide a service that is unrivaled!