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Many companies lack solid financial management practices due to a continuous focus on accounting only. You need to go beyond just processing transactions every month and have solid financial management base to drive value creation for your organization. Most businesses focus on the financial performance evaluation metrics such as profit, gross margin, return on investment, and revenue growth. However, financial metrics are outcomes and not "drivers" of performance and therefore the need to also take care of the real drivers behind financial performance, such as: - Process efficiency, Human resource productivity, Leadership effectiveness, Customer retention and growth, Product and service innovation, and Brand image and reputation.

To enable companies to develop sound financial and non-financial business performance management practices we have developed a business finance module that utilizes a balanced scorecard approach. This module will enable you to use financial and non-financial business information systems to grow and increase the value of your organization, make better decision and plan well for the future of your organization as well as increased insights into what drives your business so that you can be more proactive and less reactive.

The module covers: -Financial Performance Evaluation, Financial Forecasting and Planning, Capital Budgeting, Cash Flow Management, Working Capital Management, Risk Management and Balanced

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