Course Overview

In a global, knowledge-based economy, entrepreneurship and innovation are important for the creation of values and welfare. Society is becoming characterized more and more by social, cultural and economic diversity. As such, an individual's abilities to adapt and be innovative are important elements for society. The purpose of the Entrepreneurship course is to develop personal qualities and attitudes, and to impart knowledge and insight into how the participants can see opportunities and develop these into sustainable business enterprises. The course contributes to an understanding of entrepreneurship and its role in business development.





Course Outcomes

The Entrepreneurship course raises competence for how a business is established, and, how it is run and developed. This course fosters an understanding of ethical and environmental consequences of business activity while offering participants an understanding of the different subject areas of Management, Economics, Marketing, Sales and Personnel Policies. In addition, training in Entrepreneurship gives participants insight into innovation and what the concept means for business development and value creation. It also promotes an understanding of interdisciplinary activity, interpersonal skills and network building. Furthermore, this training stimulates curiosity, creativity, initiative, reflection and analytical and holistic thinking. Acquiring competencies in entrepreneurship helps participants to find opportunities within local, regional and international markets.



The learning process prepares participants to use methods that strengthen entrepreneurial competence, and let the participants experience relevance and mastery. This is by working with realistic, practical problems within a social context, with the learners as active participant in the learning process. The methodology shall encourage development of ideas and creativity, embracing methods that create interaction between theory and practice.

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