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Exporting is the process, which delivers your product or services to a consumer or client in a foreign market. The principles, practices, and techniques of domestic and international marketing have much in common. A company, which is successful in its domestic market segment, should have the basic abilities and qualities to be successful in an export market. The biggest threat to potential success however is to make the assumptions that the key factors, which determine your success in the domestic market, will be the same in an export market.

The purpose of this training is to give exporters knowledge and skills as well as accurate and detailed information on international trade activities in which they will become involved as they venture into global markets.

The training is delivered under 5Cs model that enables a business to become (Creative, Calculative, Competitive, Compliant and Connected) in its export operations. Participants undertake creative exercises and business case studies in groups under each of the 5Cs that will enable them to recall the ultimate goal of each ‘C’. The course content presentation is done through an interactive learner – centred approach guided by the 5C model structure. .

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