The ILO Start & Improve Your Business (SIYB) program is a management-training program with a focus on starting and improving small businesses as a strategy for creating more and better employment in developing economies and economies in transition. With an estimated outreach of 6 million trainees, continuously growing network of more than 17000 trainers and 200 Master Trainers in 2500 partner institutions, SIYB is one of the biggest global management training systems used for the support of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) currently on the market. Initially developed in the 1980s, it has now been translated into more than 40 languages and introduced in more than 100 countries. With a consolidated step-by-step approach (GYBI, SYB, IYP, EYB) the SIYB is tailored to enable local Small Enterprise Development organizations to effectively and independently deliver SIYB training and related activities to entrepreneurs. Its also empowers potential and existing small entrepreneurs, both women and men, through these BDS organizations to start viable businesses, to increase the viability of existing enterprises by strengthening their basic management skills for better performance, profitability, while creating quality employment for others in the process.

Learning outcomes

Trainees of Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI) are able to make informed choices on whether to start an enterprise based on feasible business opportunities and move to a positive entrepreneurial career decision. Successful completion of the Start Your Business (SYB) on the other hand enables trainees to develop bankable business plans; Initiate actual start-ups; and create businesses that meet market demands. Consequently developing new markets. The Improve Your Business (IYB) level enables enterprise to increase their financial viability and better position their business for investors. This is while the Expand Your Business (EYB) empowers trainees to grow their businesses; employ lean business management systems and increased access to advanced enterprise training services.

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