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With today's accelerated rate of change and information growth, every business must innovate to stay ahead of competition. No business can sustain its customers by offering unchanged products. Consumers “needs and wants” are constantly changing and so must products offered. Failure to respond to the dynamic market environment will see sales decrease and profits reduced. A significant factor in an enterprise’s ability to grow and remain competitive is its ability to anticipate changes in technology, industry standards, and customers’ preferences and to successfully develop and introduce new products on a timely basis.
The CBiT Product Development (PD) Course offers participants an effective method for uncovering, developing and testing lucrative market opportunities; and a practical method for translating the opportunities from abstract concepts into tangible products and services. It also teaches participants how to move successfully from Product Launch into Product Life-cycle Management, an area that is often overlooked. Training in PD equips one with the necessary skill, tools and methodologies to identify and envisage the needs of the user, company and society, and bringing those needs to life. Eschewing the old sequential model of product development, this course teaches current best practices of true integration of design, manufacturing & marketing from the very earliest stages of concept development.


After undergoing our training, participants to our product development training are able to: Employ product development as a business development tool; Apply the PD process for developing & delivering successful products; Uncover business ideas and to prioritize the most viable for PD exploration; Research and engage with target customers to uncover their unmet needs; Articulate the requirements for product design, development and marketing purposes; Effectively plan the product delivery and go-to-market activities; Create and employ production processes that are efficient and optimize production resources while delivering to expected cost, quality, time and quantity; Exercise creativity, ingenuity, curiosity and value judgment.
At the business level; Customers are delighted; Profits enhanced; Market -driven products realized; Product failures minimized; Disparate groups of people in Design, Production, Marketing and other functions unified into one coherent team; Productivity & Competitiveness enhanced.


CBiT employs a product development capacity building approach that seeks to equip targeted SME beneficiaries with knowledge & skills on how to exploit available resources towards generating competitive products. This calls for mastery in: product planning, effective management of product realization and an understanding on how to lead creative teams. This is done in context of effective manipulation of organization’s both competitive and comparative advantages, sustainable use of diminishing resources and keeping pace with the ever-changing 21st century business environment.
Consequently, to take up market leadership, a company must establish niche product areas that are a result of organizational competences and ingenuous identification and exploitation of viable business opportunities. Such knowledge and skills are bred through innovation that is necessary for development of a progressive business.
To that end, CBiT engages a holistic and participatory approach to product development. This is by involving participants at each step of the skills and knowledge development and transfer cycle. We employ a 3-step process that takes companies through: 1) Informative PD Training, 2) Supervised Product Development - Company Coaching, & 3) Focused Test Marketing. We anchor the product development intervention on company’s strategic orientation as well as existing technologies, capabilities and processes.
The CBiT training is delivered through an interactive learner– centered approach using tried and tested simple and easy to follow training manual and highly effective product development tools and techniques.  Guided by the concept of adult learning, the PD training is delivered through a range of methodologies that aim to mainstream all elements inherent in educating for realizing competitive products. This is in addition to exploiting methodologies tailored to provide for effective leadership, teamwork and continuous improvement.

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