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Coaching, Mentorship and Business Support

These are normally on a one to one basis but can be for small groups of perhaps two to three people. The aim is to provide clients with a personalized in-depth coaching and support service that will address their particular issues and concerns. We help clients to identify their best solutions to their issues and devise actions and plans for implementation.



Facilitation of Strategic Planning Workshops

We provide a facilitation service to organizations to help them run successful strategic planning workshops. We are fully conversant with a range of strategic planning tools and models and are able to adapt many of them to fit a variety of organizations and their situations. We can act simply as a facilitator of the workshop or we can be more involved by using our expertise in strategic planning and strategic management.



Management Consultancy for SMEs

Many SMEs are run by single owner managers who have no specialist or expert support within the enterprise unlike large organizations with their boards of directors and departments concentrating on different functions in the organizations. The SME owner managers do not have someone to turn to when major issues arise or just to consult when making business decisions. CBiT aims to bridge this gap by giving you access to someone you can talk to when you face dilemmas in business decisions.



Product Development Training

If you are looking for professional product development consultants, look no further. At CBiT, you will be offered a full range of product development support services.

We will help you to take a product from concept to reality by offering customized services that are perfectly tailored to your business requirements. We have the ability to map the gap between consumers and products, leading to refined product ideas, enhanced functionality and innovation. Teams of experienced technical professionals will be assigned to support you through the entire product development and implementation process, as well as follow up. Our experience and expertise in this industry offer you a number of advantages, ranging from reduced time to market, enhanced innovation, product support, quality assurance, to maximum returns and minimal risks.

Product development services offered at CBiT include: Product Development Training, Product Conceptualization, Initial Design Development and Feature Enhancement, Modeling and Prototype Development, Product Testing, Appraisal and Promotion.



Graphics and Communication
Everyone would like to think that they could put together the best possible sites, texts, news releases, articles and newsletters to define and grow their own business. After all, who knows your business better than you do?  But unfortunately, we're often too close to our own business to write about it, promote it, or define it properly or objectively. That's why our clients find our services so valuable.

We don't just put words in your mouth . . . we take a good long look at your business proposal, viewing it as any first time visitor would -- we look at its initial impact, its clarity, its content, and its potential for search engine placement. We ask the questions that visitors may have about your business, and we evaluate the ways in which we can improve your business outlook by designing the best logos, brochures as well as business cards. We supply that needed "pizzazz" or passion, and the well- worded enthusiasm that's needed to sell YOU, and what you do.

Our services include:
Newspaper/Magazine and Newsletter Publishing, Brochures/Pamphlets, Catalogs, Posters, Calendars, Books, Annual Reports, Packaging materials, Stickers, Diaries, Fliers, Banners, Vehicle Branding, Promotional Items (T-shirts, caps, umbrellas, mugs), Corporate Branding - Logo Design, Business and Staff Cards.

CBiT offers you the critical transition necessary to fully realize your publishing needs in the exact designed quality.


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