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Research indicates that businesses that engage in strategic planning perform better than those that do not, and that, through effective strategic management activities businesses are able to capitalize on competitive opportunities available worldwide to attain and sustain market leadership.

The Strategic Planning and Management Course is therefore designed to assist business executives, managers and leaders acquire skills necessary to lead the strategic management process within their organizations. Participants are taken through a practical learning experience that allows them to complete most of the planning work during the workshop. The training is delivered with the assistance of a workbook that allows organizations to kick-start the strategic planning journey during the course. This is by providing tools and techniques required to analyze the business environment and complexities of market. This paves way to developing organizations’; vision, mission, guiding principles, strategic goals, strategies, and objectives, followed by lessons on how to; plan work, deploy resources, implement, monitor and evaluate the plan.

This course is derived from lessons learned during our extensive work with client organizations in developing, deploying, and implementing strategic plans. While we acknowledge that each organization has its own distinctive culture and mission, there are lessons learned and successful strategies that are common to them all. The strategic management course therefore brings together these strategies and lessons so that participants can apply them within their own organizations.

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