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Brand Management


Understanding the promises that your brand makes is the first step toward fulfilling them. What does your corporate brand say to your customers? What does it mean to your employees? Would they give the same answer?. Why do some brands have such loyal followers? Why do some brands fade away quickly? How does branding influence consumer behavior? How does one develop a strong brand? How can the value of a brand be measured? How does a successful brand leverage its equity? How does a company develop and fit together a brand portfolio? How should brands be managed over time and across different geographic areas? Finally, how can social media be used effectively in the brand management process? This course is designed to help you answer these questions.

Brands are among the most valuable assets of a company. A strong brand can have a significant impact on consumer purchasing decision by communicating the value of and providing differentiation for products and services. Therefore, effective brand management is critical to maintaining the long-term profitability of products and services. While branding is both an art and a science, there are certain patterns and predictability of branding activities that greatly increase the odds of success. Becoming familiar with the relevant theories and models of branding can help managers make better branding decisions. With the arrival of many interactive communications tools, there are also growing challenges as well as opportunities in the process of branding.

This course aims to develop learners' understanding of the importance of brand equity as well as how to build, measure, and manage brand equity. It will cover topics in the utilities of branding, steps/process of building brands, methods of measuring brand equity, ways to leverage brand equity, strategies in managing brand portfolios, and management of brands over time, geographic boundaries, and market segments. Because of the importance of digital marketing and social media management in the process of branding, concepts and practices in these areas are discussed throughout the four modules. Additional emphasis is placed on market intelligence and data analytics as they become critical tools for brand success.


  • Module I: Understanding Brand
  • Module II: Developing Brand
  • Module III: Evaluating Brand
  • Module IV: Managing Brand


At the end of the training participants are able to define exactly what their brand stands for, define what their business is and where it is headed to, assess brand communication, employee behavior and business processes in line with their brand promise. This ensures that all brand communications are clear, cohesive and created under the guiding principle of ‘one brand, one voice. Hence, achieving maximum return on communications spending.

  • Length-90 HRS
  • Effort- 2 Hrs/Week
  • Certificate-Digital Certificate
  • Language-English
  • INSTRUCTOR - Paulina Mokothu

  • Centre for Business Innovation Training (CBiT) is a Business Development Consulting & Training firm that works to empower Business Support Organizations (BSOs) to better serve enterprises in Eastern Africa while creating the best stakeholder value.