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Business Innovation


Business Innovation is imperative to any firm seeking to excel in a dynamic market environment with heightened competition and shortened product life cycles. In such a tough economic environment extraordinary solutions that challenge assumptions and enable thinking outside the box are essential. For this reason, innovation provides a firm with the capability to capture a substantial level of market share or create an entirely new market opportunity that enables a firm to reap super normal profits.

This effective critical thinking course, therefore, helps participants unleash the power of their creative potential. Participants gain critical thinking skills needed to become effective: problem solvers, decision-makers, communicators and managers. By learning how to expand critical thinking skills participants are able to think strategically and to see the big picture.
By so doing, businesses become more productive, grow fast and generate superior value. This module offers knowledge and skills in:

  • Strategy/Business Model Innovation.
  • Product Innovation.
  • Process Innovation.
  • Marketing Innovation.


  • Module 1 :Generating a business idea(How to generate a business idea)
  • Module 2 :Business model innovation(How to innovate your business model)
  • Module 3 : Process Innovation(Discover the hidden Secret to efficiency & Business Success)
  • Module 4 : Product Innovation Essentials(How to get your product innovation right the first time)
  • Module 5 :Defining Your Value Proposition (How to write a value proposition)
  • Module 6 :Value Creation and Value Capture(How to create and capture value)
  • Module 7 : Organizational design and development(How to create an organization structure)
  • Module 8 :People Management(How to motivation staff in an Environment of Scarcity & Uncertainty)
  • Module 9 : Managing Organizational Change (How to define and adopt corporate strategies, structures, procedures and technologies to handle changes in external conditions and the business environment)


At the end of the business innovation course, participants understand and embrace new technologies and develop a mindset to innovate in response to emerging business imperatives. This is in addition to developing an upper hand in business innovation with tools and techniques from Blue Ocean and the Long Tail business strategies that are widely used in the new millennium. Participants are also able to Explain the importance of business innovation to value creation and new venture success in a competitive market environment, describe, compare, and critically examine different business innovation frameworks, Analyse and critically evaluate business innovation models used by actual ventures, construct and present a business model for an innovative and viable new venture, design and conduct tests for different business innovation building blocks and iterating based on market feedback and test results.

  • Length-90 HRS
  • Effort- 2 Hrs/Week
  • Certificate-Digital Certificate
  • Language-English
  • INSTRUCTOR - Beatrice Mwasi

  • Centre for Business Innovation Training (CBiT) is a Business Development Consulting & Training firm that works to empower Business Support Organizations (BSOs) to better serve enterprises in Eastern Africa while creating the best stakeholder value.