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Advancing Made in Kenya (AMKeny) Textiles and Handcrafts

Project Description

CBiT successfully rolled out the Advancing Made in Kenya (AMKeny) – Textiles project in 2019. The project sought to improve the quality, competitiveness and branding of Kenyan made products in the global market, while at the same time promoting value addition and championing market development of these products.
AMKeny endeavored to promote an economy and society driven by innovation, open to the fast-evolving times and reflective of Kenyan socio-economic realities. This was while advocating for the protection of intellectual property rights to the Kenyan made innovations.
Projective Objectives
AMKeny worked to achieve the following objectives:
a) Creating an integrated, forward-thinking and long-range direction and strategy for Made in Kenya Textile products.
b) Providing long-term guidance to promote national awareness on the use of business innovation as a strategic tool for economic competitiveness and social and economic development.
c) Promoting integration of innovation into Kenya’s Textile industry in order to create a demand for Made in Kenya products, and to extend its impact economically, socially and environmentally.