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Enterprise Export Capacity Development (EECD)

Project Description

The Enterprise Export Capacity Development training was tailored to stimulate export competitiveness, especially among small and medium sized (SMEs). Given their importance, the growth of such companies has become an issue of common concern worldwide, and of strategic importance to developing countries with huge export deficit like Kenya.
While traditional courses in business management offer knowledge organized into different business functions such as: planning, organizing, human resource management, directing and controlling business; knowledge on how to conduct international trade is limited. As a result, challenges in the supply of competent export skills, inability to translate export knowledge into action and limited entry into export trade persist. It is against this backdrop that the Enterprise Export Capacity Development (EECD) program was conceived and delivered.
The training aimed to enhance the export competence of enterprises in Kenya in order for them to access the regional and international market successfully.
The training assisted new and potential exporters to build their export capability in in 3 stages:
1) Building Export Strategy,
2) Developing market and transaction capability,
3) Export Linkages.
Transition through the three stages among beneficiaries of the training is on merit, informed by commitment to the course and assignment results and determination to the course of business.
Participants to this training generated a holistic view of export business, underscoring the synergistic interplay of the export business cycle: Developing strategies and a plan for export growth with the aid of a common framework; Carrying out export business transactions successfully, in addition to participating in export promotional events, getting and fulfilling export orders successfully.