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KAM - BGP - BOS Training

Project Description

The Business Growth Plan (BGP) - Business Outsourcing and Subcontracting (BOS) training was commissioned by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) with the aim to equip Growth-Oriented Enterprises with the required management skills and exposure to systems and processes critical to managing the growth and sustainability of their businesses. The training worked to encourage businesses to think and prepare for growth, expansion, and diversification of their current operations, incorporate best practices in the financial and human resource functions. By the end of the Program, participants develop a comprehensive and robust strategy and plan for the future of their businesses.
CBiT's role on this project was to conduct a training needs assessment, design a training curriculum, make a compilation of relevant and up-to-date training material and to deliver trainings to KAM Members across Kenya. This is in addition to assisting in the development of course communication materials, dissemination of course information and to participate in mobilization of participants.