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Kisumu Prosperity Initiative

Project Description

Kisumu Prosperity Initiative (KPI) was a collaborative project implemented by Women In Fishing Industry Program (WIFIP) in partnership with the Ministry of Industrialization through Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI). This project aimed to enhance socio–economic and environmental competencies among youth, and communities in the fishing industry.

The project utilized water hyacinth as the main material in producing a variety of products that range from home and office accessories, household and assorted furniture items. This project was informed by study findings that revealed the commercial viability of water hyacinth and that extensive harvesting would help control its prevalence in the Lake Victoria.

CBiT's role in this project was to offer technical expertise towards establishing the cottage industry, producing and supplying local, regional and international markets with competitive and eco–friendly products. We were also commissioned to offer training towards its efficient management and running.

The project realized a vibrant cottage industry, from research to a fully-fledged industry utilizing water hyacinth as the main raw material. Today, the industry serves as the main supplier of furniture and home accessories in Kenya