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Pre-Kenya International Leather and Leather Products (Pre-KILeLe) Trade Fair

Project Description

Pre-Kenya International Leather and Leather products (Pre–KILeLe) was Kenya’s premier international trade fair for the leather industry that aimed to increase access to global markets while inducing greater demand for Kenyan leather and leather products locally. This was a meeting place for the global leather industry where trends and innovations in leather, leather accessories, industrial inputs and technology were showcased and discussed. The Trade fair featured exhibitions along the following thematic areas: SME, Hand-made, Green, Export-oriented, and High-end. This layout was set to better showcase the industry’s diverse range products and players. The fair targeted Informal Sector, Formal Sector, Exporting Enterprises, Donor Organization and SME Support Organization.
The Pre-KILeLe Trade Fair was complemented by a series of events of topical interest to the guests and exhibitors, making incorporated event that combined marketing, commercial, intelligence and educational activities. It also accelerated growth of the leather industry by way of promoting vendor development, backward and forward linkages, and through exploring linkage with global value chains.
The trade fair offered Kenya’s leather industry the much needed global market for leather goods. It did not only gather thousands of significant global leather players to one place in a short span of time, but also offered local and international visitors a comprehensive overview of the leather market and what Kenya’s industry has to offer.