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Our Services

Our Services

Here are our services designed based on the ethnographic studies done around the area of business.

Why CBiT?

We are known for our thoughtful and analytical approach to work, and our passion for excellence.


CBiT offers personalized business solutions that are tailored to the realities of our client’s framework conditions. W...
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Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts (trainers, coaches, and consultants), are enthusiastic, readily avail...
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At CBiT, we ensure that our business solutions are a true reflection of the needs of our customers. This involves devel...
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Our Team

The people who make the difference.

Beatrice Mwasi

Business Innovation, Management and Export Trade Training Specialist.

Business Innovation and management(96%)

International business(94%)

Value Chain(86%)


Beatrice Mwasi is an innovation and management specialist with over 20 years of hands-on and professional experience in management and execution of Business Development projects.READ MORE

Sam Ogolla

Monitoring and Evaluation; Development Expert

Capacity Building(85%)


Program Processes (74%)


Over fifteen years of international experience gained from living or working in over 10 countries across the sub-Saharan Africa including Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. Skills areas, all obtained from the field-based training or practical experience.

Abhijit Das

Footwear Technology Expert

Production planning (80%)

Process control (78%)

Quality management (75%)

Indian based Abhijit Das have over 20 years of cross-functional experience in footwear manufacturing from India, China, Indonesia and Kenya. He worked in with East Africa Trade and Investment Hub

Henry Mugweru

Leadership and Management Expert

Project Manager(91%)


Monitoring and Evaluation(85%)


Management consulting(90%)


Fifteen years of experience from both local and international organizations working as management-training consultant. Lead trainer in a SME business training program at the Kariobangi light industry, Kenya. He has also been Export trade business development.READ MORE

Paulina Mokhothu

Entrepreneurship Expert


Research and development(85%)

Business Development(84%)

Producer and a business development trainer with 5 years experience in the Leather and Textile industry. Recognized for ability to create authentic, functional and durable products with African inspiration.READ MORE

Edward Mwasi

Media Industry Strategy and Innovation Consultant

Edward Mwasi is a seasoned Media Industry Strategy and Innovation Consultant with over 30 years of experience in publishing and production workflows. Serving as the CEO of the Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board, he successfully transformed the agency into a profitable entity through strategic partnerships and diversification.READ MORE


What our customers think

Nicholas Didi

"“Personally, I would like to thank UNDP in collaboration with CBiT for the knowledge that we have been offered. Otherw...
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Joseph Austine

“To be precise, knowledge cannot be valued. After three months of participation and being oriented by the knowledgeabl...
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Daniel Ogolla

“What I liked most was the relaxed, friendly atmosphere that was conducive to adult education, it was very interactive...
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Christine Oduor

“All in all, I learnt a lot as a young person and thank UNDP, EU & CBiT for the knowledge they have imparted in me. I ...
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Kiplangat Moses Rotich

“My thanks go to our own facilitators from CBiT who put forward their best making sure that we get the necessary knowl...
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Margaret John Njau

“You guys covered alot. I have learnt so much. Cant wait for the next time!”

Mr. Okisegere Ojepat

"We were able to get training in the export business and that has been transformative."

Cynthia Mugo

“I can now better my export marketing preparations and international business as well. I have lear...
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Felix Asenji

“I have now known all the documentation, how to cost my products for export and how to prepare for exhibition, additio...
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Jonathan Balozi

“I have expounded the knowledge I had before and I have learnt a lot in incoterms, product pricing and advertising.”...
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Walter Omondi

“This was a good idea and is something that gives us exposure in leather industry. Please if there are more opportunit...
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Joseph Owino

“Good work on the videos and bravo to LIN project initiators.”...
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Joy Kyula

“I have learn a lot and feel more confident. I can now prepare for trade fairs better and marketing as well.”...
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Wacu Kihara

“I have learnt more on preparation, trade fair and incoterms. Of value to me were trade fair participation & preparati...
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Wangari Karibu

“I liked the topic that focused on profit. I have had a better understanding on professional engagements in internatio...
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Ivy Njeru

"“The program was very informative, especially for first timers. I have just started the journey and I am more encourag...
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Barbara Kiama

“The training was excellent and helpful. I have learnt a lot that can and will be applied in my business. I have gotte...
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John Paul

“Thank you for this platform it’s a good idea and the way to go. We should be able to learn a few things from other ...
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